domingo, 27 de abril de 2008

Tem mesmo de ser...

Não porque se queira, mas porque life is truly a bitch
... maybe one day...

It's my responsibility,
And you don't owe nothing to me,
But to walk away I have no capacity
We could a never had it all,
We had to hit a wall,
So this is inevitable withdrawal,
Even if I stop wanting you,
So we are history,
The shadow covers me,
The sky above a blaze that only lovers see
He walks away,
The sun goes down,
He takes the day but I'm grown,
And in you way,
My deep shade,
My tears dry

P.s.:... logo se vê...

2 disseram à tia:

Anónimo disse...
27 abril, 2008 19:05  

Amy é a Maior... mas maior que ela é ser "A full time friend"...

"We had to hit a wall
So this is inevitable withdrawal
Even if I stop wanting you"

30 Maio - EU VOU!

Miguel Noite disse...
29 abril, 2008 01:13  

Pois é tia...
Grande musica.
Ter saudades, estar longe de alguém, desculpe a expressão, mas é fodido a valer.

beijo tia*

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